Khushi Summer Internship Program (KSIP)

Khushi Centre for Rehabilitation & Research is a Delhi based registered non-profit organisation working towards increasing individual and group capacity for self-reliance through its activities and programs which are rights based and holistic in nature.


Khushi Centre has been involving volunteers, Interns and trainees from the past three years from different academic and professional backgrounds. Khushi Centre provides its Interns and Volunteers an ample exposure to a wide range of activities and thereby enhances their understanding of social issues and the professional ways of dealing with them by upgrading their skills. As an organization we encourage new ideas, activities and creativity that students/professionals wish to undertake.

We are glad to announce the“Khushi Summer Internship Program (KSIP) 2016” where we would involve the interns in projects that are not only interesting but also meaningful and give them adequate exposure and learning. The internship program will be of two months where the students from different academic backgrounds with diverse skills will be involved in various activities and tasks which would enable them to grow professionally as well as mutually beneficial to the organisation as well.


The internship for each student would be fulltime for a minimum of two months starting from 2nd Week of May to 2nd Week of July

Who can apply?

Internship is sought from Students of Social Sciences, Public Relations and Marketing/Sales background or Students who have any particular professional training or some specific creative skill which they wish to use and explore are most welcome.

What skills or knowledge are required?

  • Social assessment, analytical skills
  • Sound oral communication and networking skills
  • Marketing and sales skills
  • Maintaining Public Relations
  • Working Knowledge of computers
  • Graphic designing skills
  • Theatrical skills
  • Most importantly students, who are willing to learn and have genuine interest and commitment to work in the development sector and are comfortable to do rigorous fieldwork.

What are the benefits to the interns?

  • The Interns would get an ample scope to get involved in a wide range of activities during their assigned work and tasks which would broaden their knowledge base and enable them learn and enhance their professional and leadership skills and competencies
  • The interns would explore and learn various social realities and develop analytical perspective to understand them
  • Interns would get a platform to integrate their theoretical/technical/academic knowledge into practice
  • Interns would get a platform to integrate their theoretical/technical/academic knowledge into practice
  • The KSIP would give interns an opportunity to contribute their valuable time, knowledge and skills towards social causes

What kind of assignments, activities and projects would the interns be engaged in?

  • Area and Needs assessment of communities and development of community profile through PRA techniques
  • Library assignments/writing articles/preparing reports through referring different reputed public libraries, internet and other resources on different issues
  • Communicating and networking with different stakeholders to facilitate the on-going activities
  • Maintaining Public Relations with the beneficiaries, local community, donors, print and electronic media and other stakeholders
  • Facilitate in developing and executing effective marketing and sales strategies of Khushi Centre’s new Charitable Health Clinic
  • Designing Posters and IEC materials on various Health issues, MCH, RCH, Environmental Health and other relevant issues and facilitate in social marketing of these issues
  • Social Research on different issues under supervision and guidance
  • Doing Policy Research
  • Organise various activities using creativity like awareness workshops, quiz contests, plantation drives, art competition, walkathon, street plays on different issues with different target groups
  • Fundraising

# Please note that a minimum stipend upto Rs 2500 per individual would be provided to the interns to cover the travelling and other relevant cost incurred