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Department of Public Information:

Action For India’s mission is to helpless people in India overcome barriers to scale and achieve greater impact at the Bottom of the Pyramid. We bring together social innovators, impact investors, mentors, technology resources, government agencies and local partners.
We have completed following programs:

  • 1st National Summit on Environmental Health:
  • Environmental Health Weak i.e. WED 2010
  • Multispeciality Health Camp i.e. Sampurna Swasthya Chikitsha Shivir
  • Green Ribbon Campaign
  • Swasthya Bachpan Swasthya Bhavishya Abhiyaan
  • Meaningful engagement program for disaster affected & homeless population
  • Rehabilitation of Homeless
  • Education Camps
  • Nature Camps
  • Workshops, CME’S, Trainings
  • Environmental Health Weak i.e. World Environment Day 2011
  • Special Camps for Underprivileged
  • Koshi Chunauti
  • Pilot Intervention for post disaster Environmental Health Screening
  • Pilot survey & need assessment on meaningful engagement
  • Relief, Recovery and Rehabilitation
  • Relief and Recovery for Flash Flood Affected Community
  • Relief to Flood Affected Population
  • Round Table Meeting on Feed India Free India Campaign
  • Round Table Meeting on Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Round Table Meeting on Child Sex Ratio
  • Conference on Women Empowerment
  • Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction, Mitigation and Preparedness
  • Conference on Public Health in Emergency
  • Conference on Emergency Medical System
  • Conference of Social work and Community Development
  • Workshop on Transparency in System
  • Conference on Combating Corruption
  • Conference on Sleep Medicine
  • Conference on Resilience
  • Conference on Child Development and Education