Relief & Rehabilitation of Earthquake in Sikkim

KHUSHI CENTRE FOR REHABILITATION AND RESEARCH (known as Khushi Centre or KCRR), conceptualized in 2006 incorporated as a research based charitable Trust in 2008. KCRR works with the socio-economic weaker sections of the society for their empowerment. It has been working with a holistic and rights based approach by catering services in field of Health, Environmental Health, Socio-economic and Medical Rehabilitation, Rural Development, Education and Disaster management.


To create a healthy living for disaster affected population of Sikkim.


  • To provide preventive, curative and rehabilitative health care services at primary level.
  • To promote health and well being through educating homeless people to adopt healthy lifestyle and behaviors.
  • To assess the health needs of the homeless people, design and implement strategies to meet those needs.

Target Group

Homeless and disaster affected population living in North Sikkim.

Total Number of Beneficiaries:

Earthquake affected population in North Sikkim

Duration of the Project

It would be one year January, 2012 to January, 2013

Expected Outcome

  • Rehabilitation of the families living in distress, mental trauma & environmental health hazards.
  • Increase in awareness among the children on the basic concepts of Environment, Biodiversity and Environmental Health.
  • Developing consciousness and awareness on the relationship of our health with the environment, ecosystem and biodiversity.

Support required

  • Arrangement of Accomodation, logistics and transportation for the holistic team working in the intervention area
  • Honorarium for the volunteers & consultants as per their responsibility.
  • Administration cost for the successfully execution of this project
  • Creating livelihood and employment opportunities for further development and growth of the local population

Meaningful Engagement Centre:

  • Centre for providing knowledge base services to address the immediate need at primary level
  • Also refer for secondary & tertiary level with the concept of holistic development.

Rehabilitation Centre:

  • Centre for understanding the peer pressure, mental & physical cravings
  • Provide counseling, various therapies to the earthquake affected people
  •  make them self reliant, rejuvenate and Happy

Environmental Health Centre:

  • Centre for controling preventable, communicable and vector born diseases
  • Knowing the health needs and tracking the health profile of the target homeless and vulnerable groups within it.

HCRC- Homeless Care & Rehabilitation Centre aims to

  • Alleviate the problems arising from the high morbidity of homeless people
  • Address the issue of high usage of secondary care services by homeless people.
  • Providing a suitable alternative for homeless patients to be discharged
  • Facilitating the treatment of medical conditions
  • Providing accommodation and yet are not critical enough to warrant acute hospital admission


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